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May 20, 2012


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Because I've been answering 80596918 times the same questions, lemme put the anwers down 'ere and answer no more.

Edit: here are the answers : ) sometimes I gave it more thought/shortened to make more sense than in comments. Sometimes I changed the questions and cut my blabbery to make a concise FAQ. Sorry for that!

---------TECHNICAL QUESTIONS---------
1. What program do you use?
It's been Painttool SAI for everything recently. I used Artrage and Photoshop before.

2. What brushes/brush settings do you use?
My Brushes by monikapalosz

3. How long does it take to draw single illustration?
I should be answering this question under every deviation, I know, but I suck at artist's comments and usually it's just hard to tell O.o for paintings it's 8-10hrs for not-so-detailed rendition, and 20+ for fully rendered illustration. For Example:
I bring you geniusplayboybillionairephilantropist by monikapalosz 10 hours
The Monkey King by monikapalosz 20 hours
(probably more, I've been working on that illust on and off. The stick itself took me exactly 1,5hr)

4. What's the size of your foot?
Too big, man. I have bigger feet than people taller than me, lol.

5. Do you paint on one layer, or do you use lots?
Depends. In paintings I use very few or just one layer. It make things easy and colors mix nicely. If I draw comics illustration I often use more layers to apply shadows 'n stuff by layer masks.

6. What tablet do you use?
For works dated 2008-2010 it was Wacom Cintiq 12WX, now it's Wacom Intuos5 M.

---------ART & GENERAL---------
7. How long have you been drawing for?
As of now, it's been four years, since 2008. I picked up sooo late compared to my friends T.T'

8. What were the practices you did to improve so fast? What kind of exercice we should do to improve drawings in general?
50 pushups and a beer every night :B I like to think that I've always been supposed to be drawing...
I just feel like catching up for all those lost years.
Now that sounded weird.
I've loved watching movies since forever though, I loved movie costumes, action, shots, storytelling, everything. I learned to look at things and see different value than most other people. So I'd say, I had good basics even before I first picked up a pencil... And then I was told by some wise people and great artists that without knowledge you won't go far in this business, and I will keep that in mind forever.
I was very systematic in my art adventures (almost, mathematical...? I've learned everything in exact steps I could name) So, I had to learn anatomy (there were many things that I learned later, but this one was the first) - so I got some books (I got an excellent one from my friend!), and with every drawing I checked carefully if the character I draw has arms and legs on place and attached correctly! Also, mirror became my friend. I still look at my own hands in a way no one else does xD
Then, I learned perspective and acknowledged light&color theory (although it didn't really work for me until something just switched in my head only recently). I look at and take a lot of photos.
This is nothing knew, but it's really good way to improve - look for reference for everything you draw! Bodies, clothes, materials, perspective... it's hard at first, you may not know how to apply it to your drawings, or not notice that the way light reflects in that metal collar has a pattern, but give yourself time! We draw people all the time but often forget that we are people ourselves (thank you, mr. obvious). So go look at yourself in a mirror from time to time! I run to the bathroom every time I have a problem with foreshortening, haha.
I started using reference around 2 years ago, in my manga drawings first, and I can see the difference myself. The clothes I drew stopped to look like paper and the materials I colored started to resemble themselves. Now I can draw hair, shirt, metal gear, wood, polished and not, with my eyes closed...
So, I just put everything I know into every drawing.

9. How have you learnt to paint over the years. Do you read lots of books and watch art videos, or have you learn't most from trial and error? Do you do studies and practices or just personal stuff?
I've never seen any art videos connected to what I draw, actually. I know how I want it to look like, I want it to be recognizable, in both atmosphere and colors. I like painting from real life and work with reference, but I always add something from myself. And that is my practice! As I said, I study movies a lot, especially costumes and shots. I don't really base my work on some other artists work, I take things straight from the reality, and put it on paper/screen, filtered with a vision of my own. When I look at other artists' work, I admire the amount of work and skill and knowledge they needed to draw this and try to put an equal amount into mine... That's why seeing awesome work never demotivates me - it makes me want to strive harder, open new canvas and give my best this time!

10. What books do you recommend to study anatomy?
'Anatomy for the Artist' by Sarah Simblet. Also, recently I got myself 'ImagineFX Presents: Anatomy'. It's really good, especially when you want to learn to draw animals. I often use a book with male poses. If you don't really have the money to spend, I suggest browse the internet for pictures of not very dressed people. I have tons of them on my computer. Very incriminating.

11. What's your favourite part when your drawing? Coloring? Sketching? Shadeing?
Coloring = shading when I draw, haha
I think I have two favorite parts, first sketching and planning out atmosphere and base colors - when I'm excited about how it's going to look like - and then the stage of coloring when it starts to look decent? There is this really long part inbetween when my drawings look so terrible i really want to give it up... -.- So it's easier to name just the one part that I hate xD

12. What's the first thing you draw in a picture?
Everytime it's different! I used to always draw the face first, but now, when the faces are no longer my main focus, I tend to outline other things first. It depends on the concept, for example, when I want to draw half naked guy in a cool crouching pose I start with outlining the pose and general composition! Faces are often the last thing I draw in.

13. How does your drawing process look like?
I sketch an outline on a very small canvas, to capture overall composition, than zoom in to add details. When the sketch is ready, I create one layer underneatch for colors, just to capture the atmosphere, and define how I want it to look like in the end. I often check how it looks on a very small thumbnail/zoomed out. Then I either continue painting on the coloration layer I just made, or create new ones for every significant part of the picture. Add shades. Picture starts to look dimentional. I work with details part by part from now on, moving to the next part after finishing previous one. Clothes, face, hair, additional items, background, often in this order. But I often finish the most important part first, which is different for every picture. In the end I enhance colors, add textures, crop out, usual stuff. Make lots of coffee and kill lots of songs in the process.

14. If you only started drawing 4 years ago, what was your interest? What are you planning for the future too :3 are you in an university or something?
My interest was to put down those pretty bishie faces on paper. I just considered anime a pretty fun and neat way to draw people and wanted to try myself.  I had no idea people would like anything I draw and I would end up pursuing it as a career. I plan to ... find a good job in a company and stop being freelance! Publish a graphic novel of my own as well.
Yes, I'm at a university, studying languages!

15. Will we be seeing more finished works of R.E.M in the future?
Yes! And, hopefully, the comics itself.

16. How many languages do you know, and how did you study them?
As an honest answer to this question makes me sound extremely multilingual (I am not), I plead the Fifth!!!

Thank you all for questions :heart: I think we've covered most important stuff!
Shoot, if you have anything else to ask though.
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emerald-song Featured By Owner May 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So if I do 50 pushups and have a beer every night, I'll be improving my art in no time flat? But I don't drink beer! How about some bacardi? :D Hahaha, I kid I kid :XD: But seeing the color theory bit, I think I might check that out. I'd like to better train my eyes to paint colors to make stuff pop out more and not be flat.
monikapalosz Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
bacardi, even better haha.
Yes, color theory would definitely help you with that!!
ktcee Featured By Owner May 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh my. I don't even know where to start with my many questions.

I mean do I get to praise you now and ask because you're bloody hell good and makes me feel less about my art ;n;
But I was given hope when you posted your preset Yes it means a lot ;u;d

I'll keep it short, is it possible to make a timeline of your art since you started? old are you now? :la:
monikapalosz Featured By Owner May 24, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
don't feel like thaaaat D: i'm sorry orz orz;;;

haha i actually did a timeline not so long ago: [link] : )

and I'll be 23 this year T_T; (But i like odd numbers *u* )
ktcee Featured By Owner May 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist

*hands over all my love forever* :iconbrohugplz:
monikapalosz Featured By Owner May 25, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
that icon is priceless, okay.
dagreenpillow Featured By Owner May 24, 2012
Do you ever paint in grayscale, or do you instantly put colours in then rendered?Also how do you paint hair? I'm sorry if I ask to much because I'm pretty new at painting.
monikapalosz Featured By Owner May 30, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I can do both, although I love colors so much I prefer using them from the very beginning.

To paint hair I use bigger size brushes first, add highlights, some shadows... definitely not try painting in all the single strands of hair, since no matter how painted, it always look terrible xD it's kind of hard to explain in words T_T
MysticFlamer Featured By Owner May 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Not sure if someone has asked this question or not but here it goes:

Have you ever taken the time to inspire anyone who felt like they were down on their luck or belittled in their talents? Can be online or in Real life. Artists need friends too and sometimes a pick me up so I was wondering have you ever done this by using words as inspiration or your own artwork at all?
monikapalosz Featured By Owner May 24, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I'm not trying to inspire others with my own work... Wait, it's not like that. I do, I really do, but it's not like I tell others 'hey, look at my stuff and let it inspire you'. But if it does inspire someone, I'm really really happy. I try to support my friends artists, I love what they do, and I think that they inspire me more than I inspire them... I've heard people saying that what I do makes them want to work harder.
I believe with all my heart that nothing is impossible if you really want it and do everything to achieve it. I try to make others believe that too.
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